About Us

Spear heading a difference for the differently-abled

The Composite Regional Centre is working under AYJNISHD, Mumbai. It was established in 2011 to extend services that cater to multiple and diverse disabilities, under one roof. Today, it is fully-equipped and functional to provide rehabilitative and educational services to all types of disabilities. Located in Heritage city of Ahmedabad. With services that range from the academic to clinical, it continues to be committed to further the cause of the differently-abled. Within short period we have made our place in the field of Disability rehabilitation and working as resource centre. We are mandate to implement the Scheme of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (D),Govt. of India in the state of Gujarat.

Types of Disability :

1. Leprosy Cured Persons

2. Autism Spectrum Disorder

3. Specific Learning Disability

4. Speech and Language Disability

5. Chronic Neurological Conditions

6. Hearing Impairment (Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

7. Multiple Disabilities Including Deaf Blindness

8. Multiple Sclerosis

9. Sickle Cell Disease

10. Parkinson's Disease

11. Intellectual Disability

12. Muscular Dystrophy

13. Acid Attack Victims

14. Locomotor Disability

15. Blindness

16. Dwarfism

17. Low Vision

18. Thalassemia

19. Haemophilia

20. Mental illness

21. Cerebral Palsy