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Services @ CRC are broadly classified into Academic and Clinical.

Academic Services:

Academic Services are imparted under 2 categories: Short-term and Long-term courses.

A. Short-term Courses:

Short-term training courses are extended to various stakeholders like, teachers who work in regular schools, anganwadi workers, health workers, paramedical staff, PwDs, Village Pradhans, Government functionaries etc. These courses are especially conducted in order to create mass-level awareness.

B. Long-term Courses:

CRC conducts the following RCI-approved long-term courses:

• Diploma in Special Education (Mental Retardation).

• Diploma in Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Clinical Services:

As part of its clinical services, CRC conducts Composite Rehabilitation Camps in the State of Gujarat. The scope of its outreach activities includes providing assistive devices, aids and appliances under the ADIP scheme at the Centre and in camps. CRC also has a dedicated prosthetic and orthotic workshop wherein artificial limbs/aids and splints are manufactured and fitted to the patients.

Services at the Centre:

Services that pertain to the special education and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities are categorized as under:

a) Early detection and Intervention:

• Case finding

• Diagnostic assessment and evaluation

• Consultation to parents and referral

• Infant stimulation

• Home management programme for care and management of the disabled child

b) Rehabilitation:

• Treatment of epilepsy and hyper-kinetic behaviour.

• Treatment for associated medical conditions.

• Mobility training Referral for surgery wherever applicable. Audio logical assessment and prescription of hearing aids.

• Low vision aids and appliances

• Therapeutic services of physiotherapy and occupational therapy

c) Mobility Aids and Assistive Devices:

• Fabrication of aids and appliances

• Fitment of aids and appliances

• Follow up services, repair of fitted aids

• Development of functional aids and appliances

d) Special Education Services:

• Individualized educational assessment and programming.

• Centre-based and home-based special education and training

• Referral for integrated education programmes

• Referral to special school and Normal school

• Act as resource centres for inclusive/special education

• Training of teachers

• Teaching materials and educational aids

• Research and development

e) Psycho-social Rehabilitation:

• Individual assessment, guidance and counseling

• Crisis intervention

• Counseling to individual and family

• Parent group training programmes

f) Vocational training and employment:

• Recreational activities and promotion of social clubs

• Organization of sports, art, drama, music, cultural and extra-curricular activities

• Championing for the rights of persons with disabilities

• Creation of awareness and public education