Special Education


The Unit of Special education functions as a resource Centre for special education and rehabilitation of PwDs by providing a special education, remedial education, human resource development and Research activity. Children with Disabilities are assessed with use functional approach of assessment. Individualized educational program with periodical evaluation has been followed for the children attending special education services. Functional Curricular, co-curricular activities and Life Skills are taught with special emphasis on making them inclusive.


  • Human resource development
  • Research Development
  • Conducting STP/CRE program
  • PTP program
  • Development of resource awareness program materials

Service offered:

  • Individualized educational assessment and programming.
  • Centre-based and home-based special education and training
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Referral services
  • Parents Counseling & empowerment
  • Skill development
  • Research & HRD
  • Orientation & Mobility Training for Visual Disabilities
  • Vocational Training
  • ADIP assessment and disability camps
  • Outreach and extension programs

Course of the Department

  • Short Term Program (STP) / Continuous Rehabilitation Education
  • Long Term Program (LTP) - Diploma in Special Education ID